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Sperm Extractions: PESA | TESA

Sperm Extractions: PESA | TESA

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Package Includes:

  • 1 PESA/TESA done with local anesthesia

Package Excludes:

  • General Anesthesia: if using general anesthesia there will be an extra $600 fee.
  • If sperm are cryopreserved, an additional $220.00 will be billed to you. (there is no refund, if sample is not kept for 12 full months) Storage after 12 months will be billed to you annually, $350.00 year. This storage fee is separate from any other egg, embryo or donor sperm storage at CNY Fertility. 

Please contact our office for a custom payment if you know you will be using general anesthesia or freezing the sperm.

* Unfortunately, CNY Fertility can make no guarantee of your sperm count, quality. Should your procedure result in no sperm, there is no refund in full or in part of these fees.