500 mg THC FREE CBD Tincture

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Our THC FREE CBD oil is made from 100% Natural, Colorado grown non-GMO and pesticide-free hemp is packed with anti-inflammatory cannabinoids. 

    For Best Results:

    • To use, gently squeeze the rubber end of the dropper to suck the oil into the dropper. The dropper will be half full indicating a "full" dropper (as the entire dropper does not fill. Squeeze the rubber end of the dropper under the tongue (avoid touching the dropper to your mouth/tongue) and let absorb for at least 30 seconds.
    • The 30mL bottle contains 30 1mL servings or 60 .5mL servings. The dropper on all 30mL bottles holds .5mL of oil
    • Use consistently (1-2 full dropper fulls 1-2 times a day) over the course of months. 
    • Store in a cool dry place
    • May mix with food or drink to help with taste.